Public Speaking Level Two

Public Speaking Level Two is the next step up.

You must have completed Level One before you can attend the Level Two Intense Workshop.

You will have a full day to train, develop and improve many of the skills you started in the previous course.

Level Two is individually led as far as possible so that you cover the specific skills essential to the next stage of your public speaking training.

While each workshop can change depending on the individuals in the course, the main topics covered are:

Public Speaking Essentials (Reinforced)
Advanced Breath work
Advanced Vocal Technique
Ted Talk Style Presenting
Individual Public Speaking Delivery

Individual feedback is given throughout the day.

Like Level One, this workshop is fun and professional and there are a mixture of individuals from all professions, backgrounds and ages.  


Exact Date and Location TBC

10am - 5pm (Saturday)

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I thoroughly enjoyed the course – a great teacher and a great bunch of people to work with. I have learnt a lot of good tips and techniques to overcome the nerves and lack of confidence.
— Claire McKenna, Scottish Government
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Just a big thank you for the course in April. I had an interview on Wednesday which included a 10 min presentation. I received a phone call yesterday offering me a job. An excellent course, I would advise it to anyone interested!
— Andrew Lawson, Lecturer at Edinburgh College
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