Delivering First Class Training in Social Communication, Presenting, Confidence Building and Team Development


Built on the expertise of the elite Acting Out Drama School we have extensive experience in both the performing arts and the international business sector. 

We specialise in Social Communication, Professional Speaking and Mastering Vocal Impact. Our experts train individuals and businesses in a variety of skills essential to effective communication and public speaking delivery.

We've worked with world leading organisations, small independent businesses and elite universities. We have individually trained 1000s of professionals including CEOs, Senior Managers, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Sports Professionals and Actors in a variety of workshops, private lessons and courses.

We provide courses, workshops and lessons in Public Speaking, Communication, Networking, Relaxation, Presentation, Pitching, Interview Skills and Acting for Individuals, Businesses, International Organisations and Elite universities. 

All available in Scotland and throughout the UK. 


We'll help you stand up and be heard...


We work with a variety of Large Organisations, Small Businesses and Elite Universities including...