Do your employees hesitate when speaking out? Are you worried about them representing your company? 

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We can help. We’ve successfully trained thousands of clients and will come into your organisation and work with teams, departments and individuals. From 2-hour workshops to weekly sessions. We'll design the right package to suit your particular needs.



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Our most popular Workshops and Training Sessions

Public Speaking

Building Confidence and Improving Skills in Public Speaking drives success and reduces the stress of Presenting, Reporting & Communicating in Team Meetings. 

Communication Training for Business UK

Effective Communication

Learning to Speak in a way that gets the job done quicker, easier and with positivity. Working together creates better group dynamics and fewer “sick” days.



Relax WITH High Pressured Events

Allow your team to Relax, stay in control and perform better through Mind Set Exercises, Perception Transformation & Guided Meditation, designed specifically for your Team.

MASTERING vocal impact 

Communicating ideas with clarity and confidence through Vocal Training & Voice Projection. Learn how to keep the voice strong, balanced and healthy. 

Networking & ACTING

Building Contacts, Being Remembered and Representing your Company in the best way, plus building confidence with fun & effective acting methods.

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Improve Interview Performance by training in a variety of related skills including public speaking, pitching, marketing and improvisation.

from £495 per session

After attending the Public Speaking Course, I knew I had to offer a workshop within the community for volunteers, community members or workers to access. Thankfully, Clare came out to lead the sessions and I have since booked three more, all of which have been fully attended and CPD registered. The sessions are lively and enjoyable which often takes people by surprise, something that is a bit different to the usual community training. It’s great to see members of the community interacting, learning new skills and enjoying the sessions, together!
— Fiona Inglis - Training Co-odinator, Rosewell Development Trust
My MA students had a fantastic time in the Public Speaking, Networking and Acting session with Clare. All of them said how much fun they had had, and how useful it had been in boosting their confidence and public speaking skills. We’re already planning the next set of sessions.
— Professor David Reay, Chair in Carbon Management and Education - Assistant Principle, Global Environment and Society, The University of Edinburgh
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